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Get plastic

Play with Plastic
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playwithplastic, The barbie rate-community. *For boys too ;)*
Down here we write the rules for our commonity wich you have to follow.
When you don't or just don't like it, do not sign up^^
Much fun!

Our Plastic-Rules:

1.Post at least 3 pictures including 1 WITH Barbie. (no photoshop Barbie)
2.It's alowed to photoshop pictures but you still have to be reconizable. But we still prefere non-photoshop pics.
3.Becoming a member is only possible when you have posted pictures en filled in the questions completly
4.People who aren't a member aren't alowed to post comments.
5.When we *The Owners* think someone is annoying, this person will be banned.
6.Everything under an LJ-Cut.
7.As subject for your first post and proove you've red the rulez: Barbie and Me
8.The Owners and members will see if you can be accepted, first we look at:
*Your looks
*If there is a Barbie pic
*if you filled in the qeustion nice and good
9.Post as often as possible new pics (and again, one with Barbie)

Much fun!


The ruling Barbie's+Ken: